Carol Rickard:Nationally recognized stress and wellness authority with 13 books published and founder of Well YOUniversity.
Carol Rickard:Nationally recognized stress and wellness authority with 13 books published and founder of Well YOUniversity.
Mauricio Martinez Answers Questions About Taxes
Mauricio Martinez: I help Small Business Owners make more money, pay less taxes and spend more time with their families.
Frank Deardurff - That One Web Guy
Frank Deardurff III : I help Small Business Owners Create, Improve, & Profit from their online business.

Wouldn't You Like To Know The Answers To The Most Asked Questions About Stress and Taxes?

When you have the opportunity to ask industry professionals who are at the top of their game, you don't just make questions up. I felt it was best to survey many people to find out what their biggest questions and challenges were related to the topics of Stress and Taxes.

The responses were very good. When I provided the questions to Carol and Mauricio for each of their interviews they commented on the quality of questions. We filtered down to a set number that we could answer in an hour time period as I wanted to respect their time as I know it is valuable.

Let Me Tell You About The Experts I Interviewed

Before I share with you how can gain instant access to not one but two interviews let me tell you a bit about the experts so you can understand why I chose them, not to mention they're both friends of mine.

Carol Rickard is know as America's #1 Stressologist. She's been a guest on the Dr. Oz show and has written 13 books and counting on the topic of stress management. I met Carol at a high level mastermind group that we are both in for business owners serious about growing their business. I was instantly impressed with her level of commitment to teaching individuals and businesses about managing stress.

Now, Mauricio Martinez is not just and average "Tax Guy" or "Accounting Guy". I consider him a "Tax Specialist"! I've heard him speak time and time again in group discussions firing off answer after answer. And add to that he himself is a fellow small business owner, entrepreneur, coach and consultant. I've had the pleasure of knowing Mauricio for about 15 years He and I have both spoken at some home school events and connected right away. As a matter of fact Mauricio is also a member of the mastermind group I mentioned above.

Here's Is Just SOME Of What You Will Learn

In the interview with Carol about stress we talked about topics such as:

  • How to cope when you get over stressed.
  • Warning Signs of Stress.
  • How to keep working through high stress events .
  • Is stress different for teens and adults?.
  • How to keep from stress eating?.
  • And so much more.

And in the interview with Maurico we talked about topics such as:

  • Business entities such as LLC, C-Corp, and S-Corp.
  • What to do if you get behind with your taxes.
  • Explanation of the difference between a CPA, Registered Agent, and Enrolled Agent.
  • Fair Pay Compensation, and what is ethical.
  • Is Leasing a car for your small business a good idea.
  • And so much more.

You will be doing yourself (and your business) a favor to grab both of these interviews right now! Oh, And Good News! You Get BOTH right now for the price of one!

When you order today you will quickly gain access to BOTH 90-Minute video interviews to watch on-line, and the mp3 audio file to just listen if you prefer, so you can listen while commuting, out for a jog, working out, or maybe even traveling. You will also receive A PDF transcript of this interview so that you can highlight, markup, and or take notes while you listen. All for one low price that you would be hard pressed to find this value anywhere else.

Answers To The Most
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Answers to the most asked questions about taxes for small business owners.

Answers To The Top Stress Management Questions

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